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Geo Sci Final General and Examples

Geo Sci Final General and Examples - Geo-Sci Final Types of...

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Geo-Sci Final Types of Volcanoes - Stratovolcano - Cinder Cones – Simplest type of volcano - Shield Volcanoes Places volcanoes occur - Plate Margins o Spreading Margins Mid-Ocean Ridges Rifting Continents o Converging Margins Island Arcs Continental Margins - Plate Interiors o Oceanic Plates o Continental Plates Volcanic Activity Terms - Active - Dormant - Extinct Two Types of Magma - Lava - Pyroclastics Two Types of Pyroclastics - Ash – Can turn into Ignimbrites - Volcanic Bombs Types of Volcanic Rock - Basalt - Andesite - Dacite - Rhyolite Building a Volcano 1. Plates pull apart 2. Some asthensophere liquefies and rises to fill the gap 3. Andesitic-rhyolitic magmas are created about subduction zones where riding magma partially melts the continental crust on its way up 4. Results in altering the melt by increasing silica content and viscosity. Eruption Types
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- Hawaiian – Most mild type of eruption - Surtseyan - Strombolian - Vulcanian - Plinian - Most violent type of eruption Non-Explosive Eruptions - Icelandic - Strombolian - Hawaiian Explosive Eruptions - Vulcanian - Plinian - Caldera 3 Types of Lava Flows - Pahoehoe - Aa - Blocky Majority of lava flows (90%) are basaltic 4 Things the Length of Lava Flow Depends On - Viscosity - Eruption Rate - Channels - Lava Tubes Lava Flow Hazards - Travels at slow speeds - Deaths from flows have been about 900 - Buildings and other structures are usually destroyed Problems with lava flows - Damage to property - Cuts and blocks transportation - Damages crops and makes agriculture land useless What can you do about lava flows?
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