SOM 210 - Exam 2 review sheet

SOM 210 - Exam 2 review sheet - SOM 210 Exam 2 Review Sheet...

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SOM 210 – Exam 2 Review Sheet Chapter 5: E-Commerce – Business to Customers (B2C) 1. 2. How does B2C work? - Businesses sell goods and services to individuals through online 3. What are payment methods available in B2C? - Credit cards - Cybermediaries - E-Checks 4. What do people buy? - Specialty Items (TVs, Clothing) - Digital (iTunes) - Services (Banking) 5. What is not selling? - Specialty-shipping items (Ice cream) - Customized products - High quality and expensive pieces (jewelry) 6. What is drop-ship? - Basically when a company receives an order, instead of shipping the order to the seller and the seller sending it to the customer, the seller just contacts the warehouse and the warehouse directly ships the product to the customer 7. New industries to support B2C - Software programs (shopping carts and checkouts) - Webhosting - Online advertising - Interactive customer service - XML 8. Advertising in B2C? - Banners - Search engines o Pay per click click through o Pay per action - Viral Marketing - Affiliate Programs 9. What are affiliation programs? - Affiliate programs is a type of marketing used online that occurs when two companies agree to connect their website to each other. It is in a sense a “recommendation” from one company to another sharing and sending customers to one another - An arrangement between two ecommerce sites that directs customers from one site to another
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10.What is viral marketing? - Viral marketing is mainly used through email. It is a marketing scheme that passes a website name through customers. For example, e-cards. You send an e-card to your friend and the e- card encourages your friend to send it to a few other friends. - It encourages users to encourage their friends to join 11.What new technologies are emerging from B2C? -
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SOM 210 - Exam 2 review sheet - SOM 210 Exam 2 Review Sheet...

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