LabReport3 - Determination of the Molarity of a Strong Acid...

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Determination of the Molarity of a Strong Acid Jennifer Kang #19702469 Section 430 GSI: Christine Koh September 19 th , 2007
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Purpose : The purpose of this experiment is to perform titrations in order to find the concentration of the reactant, an acid solution. Titration involves determining this molarity by adding to the solution of HCl a reagent of known concentration in carefully measured amounts until a reaction is completed. Molarity is found by dividing the number of moles of the HCl solution used in the reaction by the volume of the solution used to neutralize the basic TRIS solution. Methods : The experiment began with 5.00 mL of a 5 M HCl solution that was dispensed into a 250.00 mL volumetric flask and filled with distilled water. This flask allowed for even dispersion of the concentrated acid, creating the solution for which the molarity must be found. Next, a basic solution was by measuring .15 to .25 g of the TRIS standard, dispensing it into an Erlenmeyer flask, and adding distilled water. The solution was approximately 50 mL in volume. After calculating approximately how much of HCl solution will be needed to neutralize the base, bromocresol green indicator was added to the base and a 1.0 mL buret is filled with the acid. The titration started by adding HCl quickly, holding the buret over the Erlenmeyer flask and slowing down the release when the amount of solution dispensed reaches a point close to the estimated volume needed to react. When this point was reached, the
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LabReport3 - Determination of the Molarity of a Strong Acid...

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