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PSC 2302-11 Chapter 7: Federalism: The Interaction of National and State Governments The founding fathers chose to use federalism (p 179) as a means of creating the strong national government not specifically stated in the Articles of Confederation. Federalism is an arrangement in which a constitution formally establishes and divides powers between a national and “subnational” (p 180) government. However, federalism limited the national government by vesting significant authority in the established state (p 181) governments, creating ongoing problems. Alexander Hamilton (p 180) , a nationalist from the founding era, focused on a strong central (p 180) government which he claimed was essential in matters of defense, commerce, and foreign relations. James Madison (p 180) however, emphasized the fact that a federal arrangement would enable state governments to protect the liberty of their citizens by virtue of their close proximity to the people. Another issue
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