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Quiz - CE 31341132;r Spring zoos Quiz 5 A stepped shafl...

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Unformatted text preview: CE 31341132;r Spring zoos Quiz 5 A stepped shafl having sulid circular cross-sections is Supported and loaded as shown. Given, G = llflflfl ksi. 1] If the allowable shear stress in the stepped shaft is 10 ksi, what is the maximum turque T that may he applied at C? 2) 1|With the maximum torque T applied, what is the angle of twist at E? 3i} k-in T 2.5 in {TJc-je: 1.53M? 10':L “ l—t T: 3531 p431“ $ua5; F~——*# O :3 Cb #153,n*30 AF lfli'gir"l?:i) n '92 {aloooilileez} {WWW ”3i '1 Max.T= 2’33 ' Oi l5”! l" ' $13.: ”@2- degree. ...
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