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Ana Laura Martinez-Tapia Dr. Anita Anantharam WST 3015 February 16, 2007 Girl Talk: “Café 1 ” For the Soul There are many empowering women in my life, but when I thought about my interviewee for this assignment, I must have pondered a day on an eligible person to interview. This was not just because my family has about three hundred, eighty five members, spread across four different continents, but also in part by the fact that the women in my family that I wanted to interview where either too young, or dead (Due to the fact that there is a huge age gap between my mom’s family and my dad’s family; i.e. my dad is the same age as my maternal grandmother). This eliminates every single one of the “eligible” women in my family, except one: Nora Maria Martinez-Barrios. Through this assignment I have truly come to value being a woman and come to appreciate the liberties I once took for granted and all thanks through the enlightenment of the memories and experiences of this incredible woman, my Tia 2 Nora. Nora Maria Martinez is my aunt-in-law, the loving wife of my uncle, Julio Martinez, brother of my father. Nora and my Uncle Julio have been happily married for about 47 years, enjoying the serene, retired life. Nora has always been family oriented, coming from a stable, family background of a married, heterosexual couple, with three female siblings. Since Nora’s father was a military general, her family lived in a military based neighborhood; Nora called it her “cocoon 3 ” (since it was such a safe environment, as well as an entrapment). 1 Cuban Coffee-known for its dark, unsweetened taste, which is what, makes it such a popular choice for caffeine. 2 Spanish for Aunt- refers to any type of aunt (blood related or by law); both types of aunts are equivalent in value 3 Martinez, Nora. Personal Interview. 10 February 2007. 1
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Ana Laura Martinez-Tapia Dr. Anita Anantharam WST 3015 February 16, 2007 Out of the four daughters of Barbara and Alejandro Barrios, Nora was the second oldest daughter, which meant most of the responsibilities were place on her to assist her mother around the house with laborious tasks. Child labor was a common practice in many parts of the world and also very essential in both the socioeconomic basic needs of the family and the physical need of the parents once
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women's studies paper - Ana Laura Martinez-Tapia Dr. Anita...

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