RUT3500 Study Questions Week 1

RUT3500 Study Questions Week 1 - Study/quiz questions (pp....

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Study/quiz questions (pp. 3-71): 1. How did geography and climate affect the growth of the Russian state and the perceived distinct features of the Russian national character? Rivers and lakes provide Russia with an excellent system of water communication. Northern European Russia the soil stays frozen eight months out of twelve. One important result of the climate and of this pattern of vegetation in Russia has been a relative dearth of first-rate agricultural land. The growth of the Russian state was affected by the geography of the area: a vast plain with very few natural obstacles for expansion. The extremely severe climate contributed to the weakness of the tribes scattered in northern European Russia and of the various inhabitants of Siberia, leading to their utter inability to stem the Russian advance. Whereas the Russian could easily expand they were well protected from outside attack. Russian distances brought defeat to many, though not all invaders, i.e. Napoleon, Hitler. Occupied territory had to be governed, presented a problem which such a large land size. Thinkers (prominently in the Enlightenment) related the system of government of a country directly to its size and declared despotism to be the natural form of rule in Russian. Climate and vegetation basically affected the distribution of people in Russia and also their occupation. Russian natural resources, since they began to be developed on a large scale, have added immeasurably to Soviet strength. The southern Russian streppe in particular served for centuries as the highway for Asiatic nomads to burst into Europe. In effect it contributed hugely to the militarization of Russian society. Proximity to Asiatic lands led also to some less warlike contracts; it enabled Russia later in turn to expand grandly into Asia without the need to first rule the high seas. Russian location in Europe may well be regarded as even more important than it’s connections with Asia. The Russians suffered the usual fate of border peoples: invasion from the
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RUT3500 Study Questions Week 1 - Study/quiz questions (pp....

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