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Charles Darwin - Spencer Inions English 101 John Herold The...

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Spencer Inions English 101 John Herold October 20, 2008 The great minds of Charles Darwin, Karl Marx, John Dewey and Sigmund Freud were all great philosophically and physiologically . Each one possessed his own amazing ability to traverse boundaries set by the scientific laws of his time and creates a whole new theory different from anything ever seen before them . While each one tended to be in a different area; Darwin-biology, Freud-psychoanalysis, Dewey- Pragmatism, and Marx-Utopian Societies, they all made huge advancements in their fields and contributed to the betterment of society as a whole . A major link between these four people is the famous inventor- Nikola Tesla . Nikola Tesla was a man that would come to be known as the “Father of Physics” and the one to revolutionize the modern electric movement . But during his first many years, his ideas were thought to be somewhat radical and very unrealistic . His main competitor, Thomas Edison, was thought to be the hero of the era because of his work with Direct current . The Alternating Current theory of Tesla was thought to be more dangerous than and not as productive as Edison’s electricity . Tesla’s invention and innovation on Alternating
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Current has become the precedent for all work done with that kind of electricity during the past one-hundred years . Each relates because at the time of the discovery or theory each one of the men listed above was looked down upon because they did not conform to the idealistic confines of the “then modern” society’s view in the field . In the following passage each writer will be defined and his excerpt will be analyzed. My excerpt from Charles Darwin, His letter he wrote to Asa Gray, a beloved
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Charles Darwin - Spencer Inions English 101 John Herold The...

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