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eng 101 survery - not usually come with driveways and most...

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The sidewalks in the neighborhood were the main place for recreation and travel throughout the neighborhood. They served a very large purpose. If students were to live in some of the houses this could cause controversy because it is a very quiet neighborhood and if students come that usually includes partying as well. The noisy disruption could cause many residents of the area to become upset and agitated. The houses are all very close together, and they all seem to create some form of bond between each other- they all work as one to bring the neighborhood together as a whole. It seemed like almost all of the inhabitants of the area were largely democratic voters, with nearly half of the houses containing an “OBAMA” sign or a sign of a democratic individual in another political race. While many of the residents probably own vehicles, the easiest way to get around in the neighborhood would be to walk. Houses did
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Unformatted text preview: not usually come with driveways and most of the residents cars were parked on the street in front of the house. I believe that the average age of the residents, depending on who we saw, would be somewhere from late 40’s to early 60’s. These people tend to be well enough off that they are capable of affording a house the size and location of where they are now. The students living in the area are more than likely living in a house either rented out by a landlord or are residing in a home owned by one of their parents or older relatives. I feel that conformity in a neighborhood like this is of the utmost importance. It seems to be an area that, while it does like change in the government, would not care for change in its surroundings....
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