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The Views on Analysis in The Writing of You take something apart to understand it then you put it back together again i.e. engine-take it apart learn about it, put it back together to work again Herolds’s Hypothesis- if the goal of popular culture is to entertain and art culture to enlighten then a merger of the two arenas would be highly desirable. Paris Blues and anatomy of a murder- Ellington wrote score for the movies Bring back in John Dewey into the scheme of the project Art product is not the same as a work of art “Textbook”= art product
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Unformatted text preview: What we do with the textbook = work of art From viewer reader writer audience What we do as receivers is different from the artist- but the thought process is much like the same DEWEY ON ART PRODUCTS/WORKS OF ART ARTIST ARTIST EXPERIENCE THE ART PRODUCT AESTHETIC EXPERIENCE PERCIEVER The Work of Art (what the product does with the experience) David Jason’s work is completely entertainment purposes only- it’s ok but also limiting It could be an escape or distraction from the ordinary or unusual way of thing. Etc50off...
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