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Paper 4- David Jason

Paper 4- David Jason - Spencer Inions Dr John Herold...

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Spencer Inions Dr . John Herold English 101 December 2 , 2008 David Jason , a man renowned for his ability to make people laugh , emerged as a truly creative mind in the entertainment world . His resume ranges from radio broadcasts to television series to films and plays . His development and evolution of work is best exemplified in the shows Only Fools and Horses , Diamond Geezer , Do Not Adjust Your Set , A Touch Of Frost , Open All Hours , All The Kings Men , and his radio show Week Ending . Each one of these shows the evolution of Jason as a creative 1 mind in the acting world . I am connecting David Jason’s conserves to a well known actor from the American silver screen, Bob Hope. Bob Hope is to the American Film industries as David Jason is to the British one. They both set precedents and helped to create an entire new form of comedy and television for the millions of viewers in the world. 1 1 Bob Hope was actually born in Eltham, London, England and moved around the country with his family till the age of five, when they moved to the United States. This is the main reason he became an American star rather than a British one.
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David Jason had the ability to convey many different personas to his respective audiences throughout the many years that he has been performing behind camera and on stage. While you have seen an evolution from his wacky, clown-like performance on Do Not Adjust Your Set, to his quite serious, more subtle role as professional thief and diamond bandit. No matter what kind of character he is portraying, he always has the ability to show the true emotions that the character should possess. The same can be said for Bob Hope. He played a wide range of characters from the off humor styling of Sgt. O’Farrell in The Private Navy of Sgt. O’Farrell 2 to the wise cracking cowboy he plays in Son of Paleface 3 , to the musically inclined appearances in Variety Girl 4 of 1947. They both produced a felt quality not used by many of actors of the time period. They conveyed the spirit of any individual they were portraying whether it is a stern police detective or a crazy variety show actor. The actors played their respective roles with finesse unmatched by most actors even today. They communicate a feeling to the audience that the people watching can relate to, and get an understanding for
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