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design cont 2 2nd seme - making my mechanism rotate at the...

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Spencer Inions Marvin Malecha Design Thinking D100 February 10, 2009 Design Contemplation II After listening to and watching the presentations of the architect over the past few class periods, I have come to realize that the documentation process she used in each of her projects directly correlates with my design process. The use of observation to gather data and come to a reasonable outcome for your design is expressed as a major step in my thought process. I can think of a number of different instances that using this documentation process would be beneficial to me, specifically if I was doing a project in which the clientele had many projects that had already been completed that he wanted to use as a model for his new design. I ended up using this approach on the project we are just now completing in our studio. I was having trouble
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Unformatted text preview: making my mechanism rotate at the speed desired for what I needed it to do. To fix this problem, I began to study designs of similar devices and the devices of students in other studios who were using a circular motion to power their object. I came to learn that the best way to increase the speed of the apparatus was to place two gears in my device, one large one attached to the handle and a slightly smaller one attached to the other end of the object. This increased the speed of the end enough to create the windmill effect I was looking for, all because I observed and documented what other designers had done and changed it to work for my own purpose....
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