Design Contemplation 4

Design Contemplation 4 - usually use in observation skills....

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Spencer Inions Design Thinking Contemplation When using Jefferson’s theory of documentation and reflecting, it becomes apparent that the idea works very well with all sorts of different thinking processes. He starts out with a whole area, and then works it down to even the smallest most complex issues of the area. Documenting the whole process of observation and then looking back on your observations and analyzing your finds are a sound way of gathering information. It will keep you well informed of the material you are studying and if you did not reflect on the gathered information there is a good chance that information would be lost in the confusion of dealing with extended information. But in reflection you are always looking back and always reiterating the important parts of the site, object, etc. My new approach that I have taken involves using new media that I would not
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Unformatted text preview: usually use in observation skills. First, while my usually form of media is drawing and sketching, I have now resorted to doing many more tasks with descriptive writing and photography. I feel that these create a better documented area. They provide clearer results, and are a lot easier to look back on a study using photos because they are more descriptive in nature and they are more efficient than sketches. I learned to go back and use my old observations to recap on previous incidents and keep a firm grasp on what I was trying to accomplish. I will more than likely use the process of Documenting and reflecting more now, mainly because I realized that my old way of working that I did not use all of my observations to their full potential. Now I will use much more of my observations and I will have a greater grasp of the information I am using in my process....
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Design Contemplation 4 - usually use in observation skills....

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