Design Contemplation one second semester

Design - the best plants would go we had to make sure we had the right plants The area is a temperate coastal area often susceptible to strong

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Spencer Inions Design Thinking 100 Marvin Malecha January 29, 2009 Design Contemplation One When looking back in my past few years I have used my design process to solve problems on a number of occasions. The most evident time though would most likely be when I put my process to the test by helping to map out and design a landscape for a yard that the Landscape Company I work for was doing. First I made sure to observe all the attributes of the yard from the beginning. This included the relatively sandy soil, as well as the large water oaks that had grown up around the area. This would determine the kind of plants and grass that would be used, as well as the layout of the flower beds considering where the most shade of the trees falls or where the flowers could receive the appropriate amount of sunlight. After deciding where
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Unformatted text preview: the best plants would go, we had to make sure we had the right plants. The area is a temperate coastal area, often susceptible to strong storms and not much cold weather, so we chose the plants accordingly. Other factors included amount of rainfall, clients’ wishes and the amount of growth that would come from each plant according to where it’s planted. Whenever all of these aspects are figured out we were able to finally landscape the area to the requirements that we had previously thought up. This area is going to work and the area will become beautiful only because of all of the factors that were put into the planning and layout in the beginning....
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