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Design Thinking Notes-9-2 - Library Essential Elements of...

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Notes Malecha Class- Churchill’s entire life preparation for a particular moment in history Role in history leading Britain in WWII Process is learning to position yourself tactically and strategically Seeing is thought- Our memories and the memories passed on to us from family and society define our frame of reference Memories are the synchronization of tactile and philosophical ways of doing Thought in Ancient cultures is related to memory. The repercussions of actions can stir memory and an image or an event can awaken it. Reasoning implies inference one aspect of a problem gas an effect on one another one lesson learned effects another action Life scenarios understanding the scenarios of life that determine their nature Autonomous Constraints Applying a structure from outside of the program Analogies, typologies and precedents T Jefferson used precedent from Marly le Roi as the University of Virginia design for
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Unformatted text preview: Library Essential Elements of Critical thought Curiosita curiosity for life Dimostrazione commitment to test knowledge Sensazione refinement of the senses to enliven life Sfumato willingness to embrace ambiguity Arte/Scienza balance b/w logic and imagination Corporalita cultivation of grace and balance Connessione inter connectedness of all things Theory is derived from doing… can’t have theory first must have process Mastery is a knowing: Saper Vedere Determining mastery in a non linear structure of thought is a holistic concept Ways of Seeing- While the design process can be intensely personal, it is by allowing for multiple perspectives within a position that the individual Greater perspective Sense of Unity Fundamental Belief System Connection to environment Connection to place Deep Reflection Representation Seeking the Essence Using the Mind’s Eye Interpretation Knowing the Story...
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Design Thinking Notes-9-2 - Library Essential Elements of...

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