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Design Thinking Reflection - an opening of my eyes to new...

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Spencer Inions Reflection #1 Design has been a passion of mine for many years. Since I was only 8 years old I have felt an urge to map out and plan buildings landscapes etc. Since I have joined the design program at NC State my enthusiasm for the subject has grown exponentially. I never would have guessed that in just the first few weeks of college I would already be learning so much about my desired major. The program here at state where you jump right into your school and get to work on selected courses for that school is magnificent. My main goal for my college career is of course to gain a degree in Landscape Design, but also to gain a better understanding of design techniques, as well as a better understanding of other people, namely other cultures. I grew up in a town of less than 2,000 so already I have begun to experience a different feeling towards the attitudes of different cultures and ethnic groups. In my classes I have come upon some “bumps in the road,” mainly my disagreement with design ideas from my professors. This is nothing like a conflict but instead
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Unformatted text preview: an opening of my eyes to new forms of design and thinking in a more open sense. This is a hill I must climb because I would never learn without conflict. I have learned that design in college is at a much higher level than any other form of art I have ever attempted. I need to learn to look more into the pieces of the design program rather the artifact of design. I have always been a perfectionist in my work and I now must learn that many times imperfections can actually benefit me overall. So far I have enjoyed the classes. I have had to adjust to the lecture style environment in two design courses, Design thinking and Design History. I seem to be doing alright adjusting though, as I have usually enjoyed Professor Malecha’s and Professor Stephen’s talks. I definitely need to work on my organizational skills because already when it comes to my design studio class I’m having some trouble keeping up with the projects....
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