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Spencer Inions Marvin Malecha March 10, 2009 Contemplation Exercise Graphic design tends to take about the same approach as that of every other design field. The speakers we listened to expressed different types of graphic design used in their professions, from advertising to magazine publishing to websites. Each time though they showed the processes of observation, followed by documentation and analysis, and then concluded with incorporating new ideas into the design of their own models. They often come to the conclusion that the point they are trying to get across cannot be done with the ideas that they have themselves so they must go back to previously set precedents completed by other designers in the design world. This is a common trait seen in all aspects of design. There is not a problem with using former designers’ works to inspire one’s own creative mind, in fact it is often
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Unformatted text preview: encouraged because of the communication it creates between designers. While graphic design is often thought of as a newer field of design, it uses the same things we all use. With the communication that gets set up new ideas automatically begin to appear and many of these ideas spur interest in the field and create an unbelievably wide range of different ways to make graphic design stand out as a truly amazing field of study. The designers themselves will then take the ideas set forth in past precedents and make them their own creative ideas, furthering the fields aspects even more. Overall the ideas behind the design processes of graphic design don’t really differ at all from the other disciplines they just take the process and put it into their own perspective....
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