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Design History Notes 9-8 - objects reproductions like...

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Galileo’s telescope in 1608, accidental discovery of the x-ray smart bomb first exemplified in the first gulf war 2006- Critics in disciplines- art history film media studies sociology- visual culture. Uses information to figure out meaning and pleasure Culture has a genealogy which needs to be explored and defined. Visual culture is new BC it focuses on visual as a place where meanings are created and contested. Western culture has consistently privileged the spoken word as the highest form of intellectual practice Learn how to read to interpret visual pieces of culture Plato- objects encountered in everyday life are simply bad copies of the perfect ideal of those
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Unformatted text preview: objects reproductions like shadows cast by a fire on a cave wall. Everything in the real world is already a copy Cultural studies- which seeks to privilege popular culture sometimes sit in opposition to art to dominant culture to taste as a byproduct of education and access Visual images succeed or fail according to the extent that we can interpret them successfully We are challenged to find words for the intense and surprising power of the cisual to evoke admiration awe terror and desire. Lets give this feeling a name the sublime the pleasureable ecperience in...
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