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assignment 1 - house I my younger brother and my baby...

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Spencer Inions LAR 221 Nilda Cosco January 12, 2009 When entering my house, you can see a strong connection to family and togetherness. Throughout the house you can find pictures of the intermediate and extended families. You will also notice a fondness for more traditional furniture styles reminiscent of early 1900’s. This shows a strong connection to tradition. In the dining room, you will notice the table is almost always set for at least eight people with place mats and nice dinner plates. Once again this draws on the connection as a family and the traditions brought down with them. Upstairs you will notice three bedrooms, one for each of the children in the
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Unformatted text preview: house- I, my younger brother and my baby sister. This shows a need for privacy with each of us, but also shows togetherness because the rooms are so close together. The Living room is very ornamental and shows that my parents care a lot about entertaining guests. The Den is full of large comfortable leather couches whose sole purpose is to create a comfortable area for the family to relax together. The back foyer is the actual main place of entrance for us as well as guests, but the front foyer is a lot more decorated and used mainly when my parents have a party or throw a small get together and feel like being a little more tasteful....
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