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Answers to Genetics Questions-2 (Extensions to Mendel) A. Blood Groups 1.a) BO x BO e) BO x AB b) BB x AB f) BB x OO c) BB x AO g) BO x OO d) BO x AO 2. Baby Parents Baby Parents 1. d. 3. b 2. a 4. c 3A. Father is B MN Rh pos 3B. Father is O MN Rh pos 3C. Father is A M Rh pos 3C. Father is O M Rh neg To approach this problem, look at the mother/child combination to determine which alleles the father must have contributed to that child’s genotype. For example, In A the male had to contribute a B, N and Rh neg alleles. The only male fitting these requirements is the male with the phenotype I A MN and Rh pos (and he must be Rh
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Unformatted text preview: + Rh-. In B. The male in this case had to contribute I O , N, Rh neg alleles. The father could either be the male O MN Rh pos or B MN Rh pos. However, the latter is the only male fitting the requirements for the mother and child in A and therefore the father in B must be O MN Rh pos (since we specified only one child per male). B. Recessive Lethals 4. P = platinum p = normal P1 P/p x P/p F2 P/P (lethal!) 2 P/p p/p i.e. the 2:1 ratio indicates a recessive lethal 5. Females L/l x male L/Y where L = normal, l = lethal Y = Y chromosome L/L L/l L/Y l/Y (but this is lethal!) i.e. you predict a ratio of 2 girls: 1 boy...
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