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Spencer Inions Critique Reflection Overall I believe the critiques on Thursday were both very beneficial and educational to each and every one of us. The critics gave very helpful advice and let us know straight out what was good and what needed some work. I really enjoyed working in the groups of 5-8 because I believe it put the process on more of a personal level, and it also made the viewers in each group more comfortable discussing the ups and downs of the project being critiqued. I believe my favorite part though would have to be the third party critiques that we received from different members of the Landscape Architecture Faculty. While we always receive great advice from Jessica Precious and
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Unformatted text preview: Fernando, having someone else come in from the outside and have an entirely different, unbiased viewpoint on your work was a nice reprieve. They didn’t know how we had gotten to our final stage and they didn’t understand what we had gone through like our TA’s and Professor have, so we had to convey those points to them there, and I think that was a big help in improving our presentation abilities. Also, having a professional in the field of landscape architecture there was especially helpful for myself in specific because it is my chosen discipline and hearing another landscape architects perspective (besides Fernando’s) is a refreshing source of knowledge....
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