Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton - Adkins (1) 2/28/08 Sir Isaac Newton...

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Adkins (1) 2/28/08 Sir Isaac Newton Isaac Newton’s discoveries have shaken the very fabric that is the scientific and mathematical communities with his findings which include the laws of motion, cooling, etc. Isaac Newton was born January 4 th , 1643 in a manor house in Woolsthorpe, Lincolnshire, England. Isaac’s father died three weeks before he was born and his mother remarried and left Isaac in the care of his grandmother. Isaac Newton attended Free Grammar school when he was a youth and he did not excel in school. Although he didn’t do well in grammar school, he was given the opportunity to go to a great school. Newton was accepted to go to Cambridge Trinity College in 1661 however his mother refused to pay his college tuition. In order to pay his college tuition so that he could study law, Newton worked as a servant to pay his way through. Newton graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Trinity College in 1665. Also, Newton became interested in mathematics after buying a book at a fair which he didn’t understand the math
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Sir Isaac Newton - Adkins (1) 2/28/08 Sir Isaac Newton...

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