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CAD - Lab 6 - zoomed in and out I wanted to zoom in and out...

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Shane Christy October 10, 2006 SUR 2322 Lab 6 Working in paper and model space was extremely interesting. I really had to focus on thinking about working on a set area, rather than working in model space, where it doesn’t matter how big something is. However, scaling stuff down and making different viewports was pretty cool. The hard part was getting a viewport locked so it didn’t move after I was finished with it. I think about three or four times I got a viewport exactly how I wanted it, then I
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Unformatted text preview: zoomed in and out. I wanted to zoom in and out of the entire layout, but instead I zoomed in and out of the viewport making the scale wrong. Other than that, the lab was really straight forward. I can see how this would be a really neat tool. Especially if you had a bunch of little things that were intricate in a drawing, you could show the details of everyone one of them, and to scale....
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