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Shane Christy 6 February 2007 Photogrammetry Lab #4 Dewitt The scale factors of both images are negligible in differences. In image one, the scale factors from fiducials one and two, and three and four, are within .012 units of one another. The scale factors for image two are within .007 of one another. Since the distances from fiducials one and two, and the distances from three and four are so near one for both images, that is why the scale factors are close to the calibrated distances. Analyzing the manhole coordinates after running the trilat.exe program, they look
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Unformatted text preview: fairly close to the values that would be expected. I think what is interesting to look at is the sigma values for 430 and 431. The sigma values are larger for image 431 than they are for 430. I think this may be due to the fact the image 431 is larger and may have more distortion than 430. Also, I think this shows that image 430 may be closer to the original size and the coordinates of the manholes may be more accurate....
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