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Cadastral - Tenure vs. Estates - Arizona has made a major...

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Shane Christy 4 September 2007 Cadastral Principles Allodial Tenure vs. Feudal Estate Allodial and Feudal titles are terms by which land ownership is governed. Simply put, allodial title/tenure is land owned free and clear of any liens, mortgages, or tax obligations. In allodial tenures, no force can govern what an owner does on his/her property. The land is owned totally independent from any governing body, and cannot be requisitioned for any reason. Land in the United States can be taken, is taxed and governed by laws, therefore, we do not have allodial titles here.
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Unformatted text preview: Arizona has made a major breakthrough, granting “limited allodial titles”, in which case most are granted to churches (who hold service on Sundays), universities, and American Indian reservations. Feudal titles are land grants permitted to lower class citizens by upper class nobility. The rights, taxes, and governing are done solely by the upper class grantor. The person who inhabits the land does not have sole ownership, but holds the property in the terms set by a feudal superior....
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