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Kamakura shogunate - p.91-139 Kamakura shogunate o Minamoto...

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p.91-139 Kamakura shogunate o Minamoto Yorimoto founded the shogunate after ‘shogun’ (generalissimo) title o His base was in the Kanto; he generally stayed away from Kyoto o It was exclusively a military organization o It marked the beginning of the medieval era of Japan Poetry o Shinkokinshu (New Kokinshu); 1205 o Poems were generally about darker subject matter than their predecessors’ o Two main aesthetic themes Sabi Loneliness   sadness Yugen Mystery and depth o Poets looked to the past for inspiration (Man’yoshu) o Two main poets Saigyo (1118-90) Traveling poet Fujiwara Teika (1162-1241) Desire to escape from reality and into the realm of art Scholar Major war tales
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o ? Kamo no Chomei’s Hojoki (ten foot square hut) Not about actual war, but about disasters and stuff that occurred during the minamoto/taira feud Buddhism
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