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The Way of Tea - • Cat vs monkey theories of...

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The Way of Tea (pp. 75-95) Tea Life, Tea Mind o Sen Genshitsu XV Beginning of the Way of Tea o Influenced by Shinto purity Daoist view of yin and yang Confucian propriety Seasonal references in renga/haiku o Aesthetic/courtly life o Medicine o Eisai Zen o Famous people in chado history Murata Juko Takeno Joo Sen no Rikyu Renga poets Wabi o Shinkai o A way of seeing into the worth of things, a preference for the ordinary, rustic,  simple, untouched, imperfect, old and withered, etc. o Cannot be separated from Buddhist thought
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o Yugen o Wabi levels everyone to an equal playing field “all are equal in the tea hut” Zen and the Pure Land o Zen Namporoku Zen Tea Record Makes a distinction between ordinary/worldly tea and zen tea Tea is a meditative act Tea helps you let go of the material world and see what is really important oneness o Shin/Pure Land Buddhism One-Page Testament Honen Into other power, not self power
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Unformatted text preview: • Cat vs. monkey theories of enlightenment Drinking tea quenches your “thirst,” nothing else is involved • From Sen no Rikyu to Sen Genshitsu XV o Sen Genshitsu Tea is a way of communicating • Furyu o Spirit should float through life like the wind that flows through all of nature • The Lineage o Rikyu Shoan Sotan Urasenke/Omotesenke/Mushanokojisenke o Seven principles created by Rikyu Make a satisfactory bowl of tea Lay the charcoal so that the water boils efficiently Provide a sense of coolness in summer and warmth in wineter Arrange flowers as though they were still growing in the field Be ready ahead of time – do not rush Be prepared in case of rain Act with the utmost consideration for your guests o Harmony, respect, purity, tranquility...
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The Way of Tea - • Cat vs monkey theories of...

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