The Way of Tea - Cat vs. monkey theories of enlightenment...

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The Way of Tea (pp. 75-95) Tea Life, Tea Mind o Sen Genshitsu XV Beginning of the Way of Tea o Influenced by Shinto purity Daoist view of yin and yang Confucian propriety Seasonal references in renga/haiku o Aesthetic/courtly life o Medicine o Eisai Zen o Famous people in chado history Murata Juko Takeno Joo Sen no Rikyu Renga poets Wabi o Shinkai o A way of seeing into the worth of things, a preference for the ordinary, rustic,  simple, untouched, imperfect, old and withered, etc. o Cannot be separated from Buddhist thought
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o Yugen o Wabi levels everyone to an equal playing field “all are equal in the tea hut” Zen and the Pure Land o Zen Namporoku Zen Tea Record Makes a distinction between ordinary/worldly tea and zen tea Tea is a meditative act Tea helps you let go of the material world and see what is really important oneness o Shin/Pure Land Buddhism One-Page Testament Honen Into other power, not self power
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Unformatted text preview: Cat vs. monkey theories of enlightenment Drinking tea quenches your thirst, nothing else is involved From Sen no Rikyu to Sen Genshitsu XV o Sen Genshitsu Tea is a way of communicating Furyu o Spirit should float through life like the wind that flows through all of nature The Lineage o Rikyu Shoan Sotan Urasenke/Omotesenke/Mushanokojisenke o Seven principles created by Rikyu Make a satisfactory bowl of tea Lay the charcoal so that the water boils efficiently Provide a sense of coolness in summer and warmth in wineter Arrange flowers as though they were still growing in the field Be ready ahead of time do not rush Be prepared in case of rain Act with the utmost consideration for your guests o Harmony, respect, purity, tranquility...
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The Way of Tea - Cat vs. monkey theories of enlightenment...

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