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CHAPTER ONE - Organization of human body: o Atom molecule macromolecule organelles cells macromolecules DNA - A drug or toxin is a molecule or collection of molecules that bind to a target molecule to make its effect; you change how the molecule functions to change how the organelle functions and so on - ANATOMICAL POSITION o Coronal plane divides body into front (anterior) and back (posterior) o Transverse plane horizontal plane passing anywhere in body dividing into tip and body o Midsaginal plane divides into equal left and right halves o Saginal plane divides body into unequal left and right portions o Oblique plane cuts through at an angle - DIRECTIONAL TERMS o Used to describe position of a part relative to another part
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Unformatted text preview: o Proximal vs Distal Refers to appendages Proximal = closest to trunk Distal = farther from trunk o Superior vs Inferior Refers to trunk Superior = towards the head Interior = towards feet-Thoracic cavity o Pleural cavity (lungs) o Pericardial cavity (heart) o Mediastinum (trachea, major blood vessels to heart, esophagus)-Diaphragm seperates thoracic cavities from abdominal cavity-The chest is compartmentalized because it makes it more difficult for infections to spread, and parts move differently and need a lubricant (ex: 15 breaths per minute, 70 heart beats per minute)-Membranes separate the cavities-...
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