anatomy 5 - /08/08 Fig 12.17 o Groin pull/tear An injury to...

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Unformatted text preview: /08/08- Fig 12.17 o Groin pull/tear An injury to a muscle or tendon that attached to the medial side of the thigh Muscles involved in groin pull ex: adductor longus, illiopsoas. Actually muscles in the leg, but referred to a groin pull because they are in that groin area o Hamstring injury (12.18) Hamstring is a group of muscles on posterior side of thigh General way to avoid is to proporally condition and warm up Injury is in posterior side of the thigh (usually) o High heels Wearing them firms up legs, things, butt. Normal foot position when mobile is either flat or elevated a little bit. When you elevate the hell by wearing hells, your body leans forward, contract your muscles in the back of your legs to pull your body up to a vertical position. Have to contract all the muscles from your heel until about half way up your back Constant pull on the tendons for a prolonged period of time, will eventually stretch out. Pain is almost always because of stretched tendons • Tendons made out of dense regular connective tissue o Made out of collagen fibers, no elasticity. o How can you tighten your pelvis? When you contract skeletal muscle it bulges; increases sensitivity in the area NERVOUS SYSTEM- Nervous system collects, processes, evaluates, and responds to information- Organization of nervous system o Central nervous system Bran Spinal cord o Peripheral nervous system Nerves that go from CNS to all parts of your body- Functional organization of nervous system o Sensory nervous system • Used to receive information Somatic sensory • Receives information from skeletal muscle Visceral sensory • Receives information from internal organs o Such as feeling hungry o Motor nervous system • Responsible for carrying out the action...
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anatomy 5 - /08/08 Fig 12.17 o Groin pull/tear An injury to...

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