anatomy 9 - 10/24/08 (Test question everyone got wrong-...

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10/24/08 (Test question everyone got wrong- Which of the following is the third ventricle immediately adjacent to? ) - Mid brain / brain stem o Mesencephalon Midbrain Cerebral peduncles Nothing more than projection fibers which originate up in the cerebrum and come to lower parts of the brain o Most going to cerebellum for coordination Tectal plates Superior colliculi o Are important in visual reflex (eye-hand coordination) Coordinating movements of eyes, neck, and other appendages Inferior colliculi o Responsible for auditory reflex Moving head to hear a sound better or to get a perception of where its coming from Cranial nerve that controls amount of vibration of eardrum; inferior colliculi regulates the vibration so they don’t rupture when exposed to loud noises Substantia nigra Dark because they contain a high concentration of melonin Cerebral nuclei send impulses here to be smoothed out o What is coming from cerebral nuclei are individual impulses that were contrived individually, if they weren’t smoothed out muscle contractions would be jerky (substantia nigra makes muscle contractions smooth as opposed to jerky) o Parkinson’s disease neurons in substantia nigra die and do not
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anatomy 9 - 10/24/08 (Test question everyone got wrong-...

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