anatomy 10 - Limbic System o Often referred to as...

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Unformatted text preview: 10/27/08- Limbic System o Often referred to as ‘emotional brain’ o Responsible for most of emotions o Components Mammilary body Cingulated gyrus • Part of the cerebrum Hippocampus • Very important in memory processing o Converting short term memory to long term o Particularly memory that is emotion based Amygdaloid body • Attached to hippocampus • Teenagers and young adults with larger than average amygdaloid bodies are more aggressive and combative than other individuals o Does the size of a specific part of the brain have anything to do with function of that part? SPINAL CORD- Spinal nerves are in pairs, just like cranial nerves o You have 24 cranial nerves, 12 pairs o 31 pairs of skeletal nerves o 86 CNS nerves (24 cranial + 61 skeletal)- Cervical region of spinal cord o Why 8 cervical spinal nerves, but only 7 cervical vertebrae The first spinal nerve comes off of the spinal cord superior to the c1 vertebrae- Thoracic region- Lumbar- Sacral- Cocygeal- Conus medullaris o The end of the structure called the spinal cord o The spinal nerves that are below it come out from the inferior end of the cord and fan out down through the center of the vertebral column in cauda aquina- Cauda equine- General anatomy o Spongey bone o Vertebral foramena...
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anatomy 10 - Limbic System o Often referred to as...

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