anatomy 13 - distracted and eat the baby instead of the...

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AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEM - Intro o Responsible for motor impulses going to internal organs o You have absolutely no conscious control o To keep your body in homeostatic balance or return it to homeostatic balance o Fight or flight response In flight: Dilate pupils Stop blood flow to things like digestive system, increase to limbs Increase heart rate o Increase muscles in walls of spleen to squirt out more red blood cells which carry oxygen Increase respiratory rate Adrenalin rush Relax the bladder muscles so the bladder can hold more urine (you’re going to be producing a lot more urine because you’re going to be producing a lot more metabolic waste by running as fast as you can for as long as you can) Reproductive system: o Female: If pregnant, the uterine muscles will contract Theoretically cause labor. Rarely happens in humans, but can be beneficial to animals—example: deer being chased by wolves, if it drops the baby the wolves might be
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Unformatted text preview: distracted and eat the baby instead of the mother. If not pregnant: uterine muscles will relax- if you’re menstruating then you’re uterine muscles would be contracted, relaxing these muscles stops menstruation which reduces amount of scent you are giving off. Also stops contraction of vagina, which contracts whether you have your period or not (moves mucus). o Male: Ejaculate • Animal in the wild- ejaculating leaves a scent which may distract predator • (parasympathetic opposite of ejaculation is erection- reason: in general, when you shut something down you take blood away, when you calm yourself down you send blood back, erection is caused by increased blood flow) o Two divisions: Sympathetic • Gears you up, such as fight or flight response Parasympathetic • Returns body to homeostasis (undoes what the sympathetic system did)...
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anatomy 13 - distracted and eat the baby instead of the...

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