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Lea Sullivan 11/29/07 Community Planning Professor Kelly P. 154 Disc Box In my town of Marshfield we have a few historic properties. We have a historic graveyard where a senator from Massachusetts was buried back in the 1800’s by the name of Daniel Webster. Governor Edward Winslow is also buried there. He was a Massachusetts governor in the 1800’s. There houses are still being preserved today too. We also have a historic schoolhouse. The sites of The Winslow House and the house of Daniel Webster should be investigated for historic inclusion. There are a few old, Victorian houses near where I live. They could use a little
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Unformatted text preview: rehabilitating. They need to be changed for safety maintanence purposes. The interior needs to be modernized. A mill in my town known as the old hatch mill has been around for a very long time. Nothing has been done to it to keep it preserved. We could use the tool of restoration to bring it back to its original conditon. We could make it more authentic this way, and it would be more inviting to passerbys and residents. As of this present time, the hatch mill is in very poor condition....
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