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i just wanna be average - Lea Marie Sullivan ENGL 101...

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Lea Marie Sullivan 10/22/07 ENGL 101 Professor Dorfield Response to Article Mike Rose’s essay, “I Just Wanna Be Average” was a very enlightening realization to me. I could relate or connect with most everything expressed by Rose. There was a great deal of ideas expressed by him that were really hitting home for me. According to Rose, being average is not a great way to expect life’s outcome (230). The way in which Mike Rose illustrated his high school friends hit home for me. He explained his friends as the athletic jocks who enjoyed partying rather than schoolwork (229). Commonly, I can relate the football players from my high school to the characters in Rose’s article. They were mediocre students, but in a social aspect, they were loud and got away with a whole lot more than I would have ever got away with. When Mike Rose discusses his own interpretation of vocational school, I think of the reasons why some of my previous classmates left public high school for vocational school. Most left either because they were not making it through high school, and knew
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