Example of an excellent self-analysis

Example of an excellent self-analysis - Example of an...

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Example of an excellent self-analysis Managerial Self-Assessment 1. Communication : Communication is a vital part of our everyday life. Communication entails the successful transfer of information from one person (a sender) to another (a receiver). The two modes of communication are oral (such as speech and a short conversation) and non- verbal (such as a memo or an e-mail). A successful manager in the workforce should demonstrate superior skills in both of the communication modes. Personally, I would rate myself 7 out of 10 when it comes to communication. My strengths in communication are in writing, ability to give feedback, and use the right technology. Throughout my educational career in high school as well as at the University of California, Irvine, I have found a great interest in writing. Consequently, my writing grades have always been on the high end. During high school I used to get straight A’s in all my classes (writing and non-writing) and I was the valedictorian of my class. When I came to UCI my grades dropped to the lower end immediately due to the large gap in between high school and university. The only classes that I did not suffer from bad grades (and received A’s in) were the writing courses. I often heard my classmates complain as to how hard the writing curriculum is at UCI and how they felt stupid being in a writing class. I always overlooked these thoughts and engaged myself in effective writing strategies. For example, I always started my writing assignments early and sought help from various resources such as Learning and Academic Resource Center (LARC), library peer tutors, classmates, my sister, and of course my professors. Also, I enjoy writing so much that I am currently a member of the New U (the school’s newspaper) writing staff. Writing
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articles for the school newspaper was an impossible task for me in the beginning because I had never written an article before and I was not sure which topics spurred interest in the students to read. Moreover, I was very used to the essay format of writing (introduction followed by body paragraph and a conclusion paragraph) as opposed to the journalist format which entails short paragraphs and no uniform order of introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. As a whole, I think that writing for the school’s newspaper did teach me the adaptation aspect of writing which includes having your audience in mind, knowing what they like to read, and writing their interested topic in a manner that way they would be interested to read. My second strength in communication is in my ability to give feedback. When I was enrolled in my writing classes at UCI, most people debated as to why I should proofread their paper as opposed to their peers. I have also heard numerous times from different professors that my feedback on a peer’s paper was “exceptional and thorough.” To me it is easy to provide feedback to other people because I have a direct and nice way of saying it them. In other words, I tell them why the sentence needs revision
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Example of an excellent self-analysis - Example of an...

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