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6B Discussion - salvation Protestant sects had a way of...

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4/29/08 Discussion Weber (pages 202-205) Link between protestant ethics and capitalism: your life is a reflection of religious favor. The ideas of a certain kind of religion caused a certain kind of capitalism to emerge. A specific kind of protestanism called Calvinism which was the concept of predestination (God already had a plan for those going to heaven and hell). These particular ideas led to a certain kind of capitalism emerging. Powerful ideas: This idea of predestination made shape reality. Weber says our ideas shape reality. Marx would say that material conditions shape our ideas. Hard work proves one’s salvation. Spirit of capitalism: Acts as a moral and ethical system, hard work proves one’s
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Unformatted text preview: salvation. Protestant sects had a way of doing things that was based on honesty. Specific rules on how to do business, they were not allowed to indulge in their money. Economic greed was turned into something virtuous because it was not the goal, it was part of virtue. Saving and investing gave them a successful life. Church membership and sect membership: Church membership is something you are born, sect is you volunteer into. For sect membership, you need to prove something because it was exclusive; it says that you are morally and ethically qualified, trustworthy. This led to capitalism because of establishing credit and induced people to act a certain way....
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