psychopathology 4.22.08 - Psychopathology Intellectual...

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Psychopathology 4/22/08 MR Learning Disabilities Motor function impairments Motor Skills D/O Tic D/O Stereotypic movement D/O Disruptive/ SIB ADHD ODD Conduct Disorder Feeding D/O Elimination D/O Separation anxiety Reactive attachment Information Exchange PDDS – Autism, aspergers Communication D/O Mutism Aspergers *Higher functioning autism *Better verbal communications *Less MR *May have good grammar, but vocal appropriateness is off *Monotonous utterances *Awkward use of non-verbals *Clumsier and more ill coordinated than autism Disruptive and SIB are characterized by behaviors that are socially unacceptable or possibly harmful. Diagnosed predominately in males ADHD ½ of ADHD is co-morbid with ODD. Most are diagnosed during elementary school
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Attention deficit and impulsivity/hyperactivity combined. More likely to occur in group settings. Inattentiveness can consist of the following symptoms: Careless mistakes Doesn’t listen Doesn’t follow instructions
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psychopathology 4.22.08 - Psychopathology Intellectual...

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