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psychopathology notes 2.26.08 - because the manias are not...

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For the test: Know the five axis Mini-mental vs. mental states exam Know how to score a GAF Suicidal ideation is between 41-50 Difference between moderate symptoms and partial remission Manic and hypomanic aren’t as frequent or as long lasting as the depression in bipolar illness Thought disorders, flight of ideas, etc. (symptoms of mania) Delusional, not sleeping, poor judgement, etc. Hypersexual, aggressive, denial of illness Look out for mood symptoms and grandiousity Most people don’t have very clean separations between manic and depressive episodes…. often called “mixed” or “black mania’s”… Bi-polar 2 is characterized by depression and hypo-mania. Fewer hospitalizations
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Unformatted text preview: because the manias are not quite as extreme. Bi-polar 3 (soft bi-polar). Hyperthymic temperament. Someone who is a habitual low-sleeper and extra-verted. Anti-depressants can cause a mania so, you need to take a mood-stabilizer as well. PANIC ATTACKS Motor tension, restlessness, twitching, shortness of breath, accelerated heart rate, difficulty swallowing, tension in the chest, sweatiness, exaggerated startle response, trouble falling/staying asleep Anxiety in terms of neuroticism and emotionality Obsession/thoughts vs. compulsion/behaviors 15% of population suffer from an anxiety disorder...
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