psychopathology 4.8.08 - Thin skinned vs. thick skinned...

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4/8/08 Gender Identity Disorder: Books: Homosexuality and psychoanalysis Beyond Sexuality The Mind has Mountains Where do they end up? Even if it’s about surgery, there are still things to talk about. Discuss their desire for children. Personality Disorders: Always has been an attempt to explain personalities/temperament Eyesenck developed the idea of the introvert/extravert and stable/unstable Borderline is an unstable extrovert Neurotic is unstable introvert Speak to the enduring traits of the person Psychodynamic diagnostic model: More dimensional than the DSM Consider personality first to get a better handle on people as opposed to symptom/ disease Problem: way too complicated Useful things Three types of sociopathy
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Unformatted text preview: Thin skinned vs. thick skinned narcissist Should see someone more than once to make an axis 2 diagnosis NDD= Note deficit disorder (people who are court ordered, etc.). Probably axis 2 people. 3 main clusters of personality disorders A: Odd, eccentric cluster. Schizoid (isolated), schizotypal (weird), paranoid (paranoid) B: Intense borderline (impulsive), histrionic (more calculated), narcissistic (disregard for others), anti-social (generally diagnosed in men over 18) C: Dependency avoidant, dependent, obsessive compulsive Rare to see multiple diagnoses across clusters, but not rare within clusters Sometime one can simply say cluster A traits, etc....
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psychopathology 4.8.08 - Thin skinned vs. thick skinned...

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