psychopathology 3.11.08 - Addiction is when you become...

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3/11/08 Mental Status Exam Appearance/Behavior Speech/Language Mood/Affect Hallucinations/Delusions/Obsessions/Compulsions/Phobias Cognition Pg. 34 in DSM IV is the GAF scale. Other anxiety disorders represent a psychological invalidism They are psychological artifacts, and are behavioral disorders -Disassociative Identity Disorder (Rare and Unusual) -Somatoform, etc. -Attempts to capture medical and psychological attention and achieve the advantages allowed by the “sick role” -Turn away from the symptoms of the artifact and look towards the psychosocial/psychological issues Addictions Alcohol Caffeine Food -Most common eating disorder in America Gambling Shopping Sex Internet Prescription medications -Starts with a legit prescription and people then turn to the street for pain relief Over the counter medications -Can lead to tolerance, dependence, and withdrawal
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Unformatted text preview: Addiction is when you become physiologically dependent on something.-Then you become tolerant.-Withdrawal is a huge sign of addiction. Listening to “Jane’s Addiction; Jane says” Movie: “Dope Sick Love” Movie: “The Corner” Compulsive use: Life falls apart Substance use becomes substance abuse Abuse becomes dependence Dependence, Tolerance, and Withdrawal: All important parts of the cycle to S.A. Quick and easy screening measure: CAGE Screen (This will be on the test) Cut down (have you ever thought you needed to cut down?) Annoyed (do you get annoyed when other’s talk to you about your use?) Guilty (have you ever done anything that you felt guilty about afterwards?) Eye opener (Do you need to use first thing in the morning?)...
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  • Exam Appearance/Behavior Speech/Language, Internet Prescription medications, Mood/Affect Hallucinations/Delusions/Obsessions/Compulsions/Phobias Cognition

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psychopathology 3.11.08 - Addiction is when you become...

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