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3/4/08 Paper due date has been moved to April 8 th , 2008. PTSD: “The three-trillion dollar war” PTSD; originally called “soldier’s heart” or “shell-shock” 3 things to think about: 1. Diagnose the person, not the event or checklist. 2. The closer you are to some event, the more likely you are to develop PTSD. 3. Know the person’s and families history. (Prior Hx of depression,
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Unformatted text preview: trauma, etc.). People with previous histories are more likely to develop a disorder or multiple disorders. Be aware of substance abuse Hx. Do not confuse with acute stress disorder. Video: Resistant Hostile Father murdered before PT was born Mother in prison PT was born in prison PT went to orphanage for first two years of his life Never lived with or met either parent...
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