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1 Established Group: History: Characteristics of Group: Practices / Goals: Failures (if any): • Neo Paganism/Modern Witchraft • Want to bend or • Revival of Paganism • Have 8 major festivals a year: shape nature: Wiccan • Pagan gods are worshiped • Methods-astrology, herbology, divination, incantation • Love and worship nature and all natural cycles • Goddess: earth, moon, fertility • Male partner of Goddess - horned • Do whatever you want as long as it doesn't hurt anyone • What good you do in this life returns to you in this life • Satanism • Church of Satan founded • Concept of Satan is a theory: does • Return to pagan awareness of • Followers wrongly by Anton Levay not exist Earth forces and humanity worship Satan as a • Satanic Bible: 1966 • Based on belief that humans are • No eternal life as in Christianity supernatural being. naturally selfish and violent so live however you want These people are • Devoted to the central pleasures: Luciferians. The Seven Deadly Sins • Hate Christianity b/c it suppresses our natural desires. • Turns natural instincts into power
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Final_Chart - Established Group: History: • Neo...

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