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A NATION LOST - passed before our eyes like a shooting star...

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It has been lost since 2004. Before that it was lost for 86 years. It has eluded the eyes of millions from the largest nation in the United States. Millions believe it will be returned to us this year. Millions of others hope that it returns to them. I for one pray every night that it is returned to our great nation. A nation so great, that we are everywhere. China, Australia, Russia, the middle east, everyone knows who we are. We are a nation that has been through thick and thin. A nation whose had its up and downs, yet remains hopeful. It is a nation with a huge beating heart that has much pride. We pray for the best of times and we have lived through the worst of times. It makes us cheer and it makes us shed tears. It’s the most exciting thing in the world to us. We have been fighting, battling, and struggling to get it back for quite some time now. It has
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Unformatted text preview: passed before our eyes like a shooting star; like so many times before. Most feel this is the year it will comeback, and I believe them. Its now 2007 and we finally have a chance to obtain it once again. It will not be easy, it will be very hard. There are so many obstacles that stand in our way to getting it back. I believe this year will be the hardest task this great nation will have to overcome to claim it. It’s October once again. Eight teams and 175 players will stop at nothing to claim it themselves. Coached by some of the games most brilliant men, only one team can come out on top. We are Red Sox Nation and we plan on taking the World Series by storm. The championship, the trophy, and the rings will once again hopefully be with our great nation....
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