addiction approach - continue or reschedule which I thought...

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William Maurice Instructor: Lisa Foley Substance abuse counseling Winter/Spring Semester NSCC 2007 ADDICTION COUNSELING APPROACH Description of an Addiction Counseling Approach was an interesting reading. It breaks down exactly what to focus on and explains how you should approach certain situations with the client. I really enjoyed reading this because it helped refresh my memory on a few things and gave me some good information on things to do and what not to do. I really liked how this handout was easy to read and the step by step information that I got out of it. This model of addiction focuses on behavioral change, 12 step ideologies, tools for recovery, and self-help participation. These are all essential in recovery. I learned that dually diagnosed clients are poorly suited for this type of treatment because they require both psychotherapy and addiction counseling. I also learned that you can reschedule meetings with a client if they are intoxicated when they arrive for a session. You can also give a breathalyzer and determine if you wish to
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Unformatted text preview: continue or reschedule which I thought was pretty interesting. You have to be a good counselor in order for this approach to work. You should be able to establish good rapport with client, be a good listener, exhibit good professional judgment, accepts the client for who they are, and not having negative attitudes towards clients. It says that a mixture of recovering and non-addicted counselors is the best situation because it fosters maximum leaning from one another. I agree with that because I feel it is better to learn from both types of counselors whether in recovery themselves or counselors who have experienced first hand addiction within their families or friends. I enjoyed this reading the most, I think because it was really easy to understand and it was broken down so well that it can easily be followed. I like how this reading refreshed my memory on the addiction counseling approach. I feel it was very helpful in understanding the goals in this type of approach....
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addiction approach - continue or reschedule which I thought...

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