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creative writing assignment #1 - William Maurice 21...

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William Maurice 21 Endicott Ave. Marblehead MA, 01945 CREATIVE WRITING Cynthia Duda I would have to say my favorite fiction writer would have to be William Shakespeare. He's been my favorite author ever since my 9th grade English class when we had to read Romeo and Juliet. I chose William Shakespeare because I like how his work is hard for most to understand. I on the other hand think his work is brilliant and it has always been quite easy for me to understand. I really enjoy the way his words are worded and when I read his stories I feel like I am actually in them. Over the past couple of years I have taken composition 1 and 2, children’s literature, and literature of the
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Holocaust which I highly recommend. I've had great experiences in all of those classes because of the students and their insights on most of the topics. I have aced all my composition and literature courses and hope to do well in this course as well. The only bad experience I have had is not being able to understand some of my teachers when they talk due to their ethnicity. This did not disrupt my learning
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