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beginning readers paper - William Maurice Instructor: Dr...

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William Maurice Instructor: Dr Love Children’s Lit THERE’S A COW IN THE ROAD! By: Reeve Lindbergh There’s a Cow in the Road By: Reeve Lindbergh is a great book for beginning readers ages 6-9. It’s very well written and very appropriate for beginning readers. The illustrations are by Tracey Campbell Pearson. They are very creative, fun, and appropriate for readers. The story is about a girl preparing for school. Meanwhile she is surprised by all the barnyard animals gathering in the road outside. When I first started to read this book I was surprised at how organized it was. The book is genius by any means. It’s not too long and it isn’t too short either. The illustrations give great detail to what the author is writing about. For example, on page one the author writes: “There’s a cow in the road! And it sure is a shock, when I first wake up, at seven o’clock.” The illustration shows a girl on her hands and knees peering out her window to see a cow that’s standing in the road. In the corner of her bed you can see a clock that reads seven o’clock. The words correspond with the illustrations to make a very fun and organized book to read. I feel the words in this book are very appropriate. They are also very fun. The
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beginning readers paper - William Maurice Instructor: Dr...

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