alcohol treatment towards informed E

alcohol treatment towards informed E - that are guided by...

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William Maurice Instructor: Lisa Foley Substance Abuse Counseling to Individuals Winter/Spring Semester NSCC 2007 Treatment towards alcohol problems: toward an informed eclecticism As I read treatment for Alcohol Problems: Towards an Informed Eclecticism, it described a lot of different models. I was familiar with most of them and I have a general concept of what each one is about. The models are all different views of how people look at alcoholism. Most of these models in my mind do not seem to work. They are single focus approached based models and do not look at any areas of a problem, but instead concentrate on one region. I agree with the public health model and the educational model as well is good. The problem with the educational model is that parents do not want their kids learning about alcohol at an early age. All of these models have different techniques for intervention and again do not look at the problem as a whole. In an informed eclecticism there is a variety approaches
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Unformatted text preview: that are guided by scientific evidence. The main concern right now in treatment programs is that they are all strikingly similar in content and that is an obstacle that stands in the way of informed eclecticism. From what I have learned, there is no single focused approach to treatment for individuals. All people are different and not all people need the same type of treatment. There needs to be more treatment out there that has shown to be effective in order for an informed eclecticism. In conclusion I feel that this was an interesting topic. I learned about three myths of alcohol treatment; that one approach is better then all the rest, nothing works, and that everything works. I am glad to learn some more about types of models that have been around for awhile, although I do not agree with them all. This was an interesting reading and I look forward to future readings....
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alcohol treatment towards informed E - that are guided by...

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