toulmin - Many people claim they do not because of the...

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Raelyn Pirtle April 4, 2007 English 112 Formal Toulmin Claim : Beauty pageants have negative effects on young girls and women. Subclaim #1 : Beauty pageants create an unrealistic image for any woman to live up to. Support : Beauty pageants have specific standards for the participants and create an ideal woman that many females feel that they do not measure up to. They cause women to have self- esteem issues and insecurity issues. Warrant : Low self-esteem, depression, etc. are detrimental and should not be experienced by any woman. Backing : Show that pageants do create a negative self-image for some women and cause them to damage their bodies. Rebuttal : Questions about if beauty pageants really do focus too much on physical traits.
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Unformatted text preview: Many people claim they do not because of the recently added talent and interview portions. Subclaim #2 : Pageants send the wrong message to the younger participants. Support : Young girls are sometimes forced by their parents against their wills. They are made to believe that outward beauty is more important. Warrant : Girls should not be forced to do anything and should not be taught that physical beauty is so important. Backing : Young girls will get the idea that being pretty is the most important thing which will affect them for the rest of their lives. Rebuttal : People may argue that it does not affect children and that it is a good experience....
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toulmin - Many people claim they do not because of the...

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