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ISLAM CHAPTER 10 REVIEW FOR TEST A Parts A, B, C A ________ is a religious and political leader, “successor.” The “golden age” of Islam ___ is identified with the Abbasid caliphates. The Tenth of the Seventh Month, is called the Day of ____________. The __________ of God (Allah) is a theme throughout Islam. The Twelfth of the Third Month is __________ ____________. The Islamic word for Faith is _______. The Sunnai and Shiite branches of Islam _________ over a dispute about succession after Muhammad. Pre-Arabic religion in _______ (city) was centered on the Kabah shrine, idols and images of gods and a black meteor. The special niche arch in a mosque is called __________. The _____ is used by Muslims to describe their worldwide community. The Muslim ______ calendar begins on the date of Muhammad’s flight to Yathrib (622 BCE) Medina. Islam means “__________” term for Islamic religion and those who have submitted to Allah. An_________ in Islam is a leader of prayer in the mosque.
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Islam Chapter 10 Page 2 Shiite Muslims consider ______ ___ the true successor to Muhammad.
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