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Definitions of Text Book2003

Definitions of Text Book2003 - David Markowitz Comm 101...

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David Markowitz Comm 101: Cases in Communication- Final Review Guide 3 Bs of television blurring of distinctions among worldviews, blending of realities into the cultural mainstream, and bending of the mainstream to institutional and corporate interests abstract symbol symbol representing an idea or thought accommodation adjusting, modifying, or regulating behavior in response to others accuracy the ability to see more than what's available to one's own specific social location alienation perception that one has little control over his or her future attitude a later addition to the pentad; the manner in which the agent positions himself or herself relative to others audience analysis an assessment and evaluation of listeners authoritative resources interpersonal assistance used to help groups accomplish their goals autonomy and connection (RDT) an important relational tension that shows our conflicting desires to be close and to be separate avoiding staying away from disagreements axiology questions about what is worth knowing buyer's remorse postdecision dissonance related to a purchase calibration a property of systems theory stating that systems periodically check the scale of allowable behaviors and reset the system cognitive dissonance feeling of discomfort resulting from inconsistent attitudes, thoughts, and behaviors collectivism priortizing group needs or values over the needs or values of an individual (we- identity) communication a social process in which individuals employ symbols to establish and interpret meaning in their environment concepts labels for the most important elements in a theory concrete symbol symbol representing an object consonance the belief that all media are similar in attitudes, beliefs, and values convergence strategy used to adapt to another's behavior cool media low-definition communication that demands active involvement from a viewer, listener, or reader counter-hegemony when at times, people will use hegemonic behaviors to challenge the domination in their lives cultivation differential the percentage of difference in response between light and heavy television viewers cultural patterns images of the world and a person's relationship to it culture community of meaning and a shared body of knowledge culture wars cultural struggles over meaning, identity, and influence decoding receiving and comparing messages dialectic approach an approach framing contradiction as both/and direct exchange an exchange where two people reciprocate costs and rewards dissonance ratio a factor in determining magnitude of dissonance; the amount of consonant cognitions relative to the dissonant ones
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dissonant relationship two elements in disequilibrium with one another dominant group the group that holds the power in a given culture dominant-hegemonic position operating within a code that allows a person to have control over another dualistic approach an approach framing contradiction as two separate entities electronic era age in which electronic media pervades our senses, allowing for people across
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Definitions of Text Book2003 - David Markowitz Comm 101...

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